We handle comprehensive bookkeeping, tax consultations and audits. We go beyond the standards of small accounting offices, and modern IT solutions make us competitive on the market.

Our fields of activity:

Company address registration / Virtual office

We offer you prestigious registration address as the registered office address for a company or business activity. We handle incoming and outgoing mail. You also can book a business room for a meeting.


We offer bookkeeping and accounting services for every type of business activity – from one-man companies to joint-stock companies. We advise on what form of business activity to choose and help to optimise costs in compliance with currently binding regulations.

Human resources and payrolls

Full and comprehensive human resources and payroll offer in compliance with binding regulations of the labour law and the Civil Code. We solve problems of employees’ claims with a labour law lawyer.

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Virtual office

Prestigious registration address as the registered office address for a company or business activity: Rakowicka 10b/4, 31-511 Krakow


Address for a company

Handling incoming mail

Email or SMS notifications

Handling outgoing mail

Scanning mail



Prestigious location of the centre of Krakow

Saving time and money

Professional service

Clear rules of cooperation

Discretion and loyalty

Competitive prices

Possibility to book a business room


monthly fee of PLN 70 net

annual fee of PLN 660 net (PLN 55 net a month)

Outsourcing – human resources and payrolls

Thanks to our wide experience and cooperation with the labour law lawyer, we can offer you specialised human resources and payroll services. Human resources and payrolls are managed according to binding regulations of the labour law.

Outsourcing of human resources and payrolls will offer a company the following set of benefits:

Knowledge in making decisions
– using the knowledge of specialists in payrolls and human resources systematically

Reducing risk
– reducing risk connected with settling taxes and social insurance thanks to specialised staff. Liability insurance of PLN 100,000 for each event constitutes additional protection.

Access to data 24 hours a day
– online access to human resources and payroll data 24 hours a day

Managing human resources

– new IT solutions make it possible to manage human resources

Costs of service adjusted to the load of work

– costs of providing services depend on the number of employees employed in a company

Replacement in the event of sickness or holiday

– in case of absence possibility of replacement by another employee of the office in the event of specialist’s sickness or holiday

Payroll administration – standard scope of services:

(at clients’ request, the offer can be extended by additional services)

– preparing payrolls in accordance with regulations and the rules of remunerating;

– comprehensive handling of employment contracts (employment contracts, employment certificates, notices);

– civil law contracts (commission contracts, task-specific contracts, managerial contracts);

– payroll services regarding payments for the management board;

– making ZUS declarations;

– issuing certificates on employment and remuneration;

– making and sending PFRON (State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons) declarations;

– registering employees in ZUS (such documents as ZUS ZUA, ZUS ZIUA, ZUS ZWUA);

– making annual declarations PIT4R, PIT8A;

– making annual information on income for employees;

– preparing certificates on the amount of remuneration, connected with remuneration seizure;

– making reports regarding the costs of remuneration of particular branches;

– advise in tax law, social insurance and remunerations;

– preparing documents connected with determining the right for social insurance benefits;

– monitoring medical tests and industrial safety trainings of employees;

– representation before ZUS and the Tax Office based on the power of attorney granted.

Other services

Making credit applications and financial consultation

We fill in the forms for obtaining bank credits and carry out all preparatory actions

making conclusion of the agreement between the Client and a bank possible.

For the Client:

– help in finding the best bank providing financial means for both current

activity and future investments;

– analysis of a chosen credit with regard to benefits and losses in the future;

– preparing a set of invoices necessary in some banking institutions

to take a credit;

– preparing a business plan for the purposes of taking a credit;

– preparing documents necessary for the assessment of capability and credibility

of the business activity conducted;

– preparing documents necessary to take a car credit;

– comparing available credit offers and recommending the best of them;

– preparing documents necessary to conclude a leasing agreement with a bank;

– negotiating conditions with a bank.

Registration of a company

We help each client register his or her business activity. Preparing applications for registering a company intending to cooperate with the office is free of charge.

Depending on the legal form of the company, we prepare applications for:

– KRS (National Court Register) in the case of registering: a limited liability company, joint-stock company, limited partnership, general partnership, professional partnership;

– CEIDG (Central Registration and Information on Business) in the case of: one-man company, civil law partnership;

– VAT-R and NIP registration application;

– ZUS application.

At client’s request, their company can be registered electronically.


We help in the process of liquidating companies/partnerships and one-man companies.

Liquidation of a company is a process requiring adherence to a relevant procedure provided for by regulations.

We offer bookkeeping services during liquidation proceedings:

– filing applications to relevant institutions and preparing public announcements required by the law;

– maintaining books and making required reports;

– striking the company/partnership off relevant registers.

Price list of services of our chosen clients

Przykładowe pakiety naszych klientów

IT services

Legal status: One-man company

VAT payer: 23,00%

Annual turnover: 60 thousand

Number of documents: 20 invoices

Number of employees: none

Settlements in currency: none

Remuneration: PLN 120.00


Construction and renovation services

Legal status: Civil law partnership

VAT payer: 23,00%

Annual turnover: 300 thousand

Number of documents: 50 invoices

Number of employees: 1 person

Settlements in currency: none

Remuneration: PLN 285.00


Producer of specialist devices

Legal status: Joint-stock company

VAT payer: 23,00%

Annual turnover: 700 thousand

Number of documents: 10 invoices

Number of employees: 1 person

Settlements in currency: none

Remuneration: PLN 490.00


Foreign and domestic trade, mail-order sale

Legal status: Limited liability company

VAT payer: VAT rate of 3%, 5%, 8%, 23%

Annual turnover: 7 million

Number of documents: 400 invoices

Number of employees: 4 people

Settlements in currency: Euro

Additional information: Data exchange – electronic transfer

Remuneration: PLN 1,900.00


Tourist services, organising conferences and trainings

Legal status: Limited partnership limited liability company

VAT payer: VAT rate of 23%, taxed with the margin scheme

Annual turnover: 6 million

Number of documents: 150 invoices

Number of employees: 6 people

Settlements in currency: Euro, USD, GBP

Remuneration: PLN 2,000.00


Hotel and food services

Legal status: Limited liability company

VAT payer: VAT rate of 5%, 8%, 23%

Annual turnover: 5 million

Number of documents: 400 invoices

Number of employees: 35 people

Settlements in currency: none

Remuneration: PLN 3,600.00