About us

Abix Consultant Accounting Office Krakow

We have been present on the market since 2003. Since then, our company has been guaranteeing clients’ safety, trust and reliability of the services provided.

Our team consists of experienced accountants, human resources managers and tax consultants with passion. Apart from them, we regularly cooperate with experts in law, taxes, accounting and human resources and payroll systems. We all work to provide you with services of the highest quality based on a comprehensive offer.

Our offer is addressed to small and large companies, regardless of their business. We show the same commitment to young entrepreneurs and their freshly established companies as well as developed businesses, which need our temporary or regular support. We take on our shoulders presentation of the company before the Tax Office and the National Insurance Company (ZUS), which for you means peace and no additional worries.

Before our cooperation starts – we must get to know you! We want to gain an in-depth understanding of your expectations and the way your company functions. We focus on a thorough analysis of needs in order to adjust effectively the scope of bookkeeping services to your requirements. From the very beginning Client’s issues are handled by one accountant, which creates a bond of understanding and facilitates running business activity significantly. If necessary, experts and consultants from various branches of accounting and law are at Client’s disposal to solve all their problems, even the most difficult ones.

Abix Consultant Accounting Office provides services based on the bookkeeping certificate of the Minister of Finances. For our Clients’ safety we have liability insurance at PZU SA.